Free Training: Ignite Your Sales Pipeline™
Travis Piepho, Founder, Prospectr Marketing
Discover The Exact Process We Use To Unleash an Avalanche of Leads & Sales on LinkedIn™
Special 3-day training for any business who wants to exponentially grow B2B sales leads with a proven formula on LinkedIn.

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Your sales team should be your biggest asset... but are they actually hurting your sales?
How many golden opportunities will your sales team carelessly waste today? Sales teams often complain their marketing campaigns are not generating enough demand or supplying them with sales-ready leads. Well I've got news for you: there is actually no such thing as a is possible to consistently build your pipeline and turn warm leads into hot, ready-to-buy leads. This training gives you everything you need. 

In this 3-day video course Ignite Your Sales Pipeline (IYSP), we reveal the simple process that has allowed us to continually grow our sales pipeline on LinkedIn, the worlds largest B2B network, and turn more and more warm leads into eager prospects and buyers. This is so simple anyone can use these tactics to close more deals, even if you have no sales team and no experience with direct sales.
What You're Getting in This Free 3-Day Training Course:
  • Introduction to IYSP:  Get our free report: Why Your Sales Team Is Your Achilles Heel, and How To Fix. We set the stage for Ignite Your Sales Pipeline, and give you the exact 5-step email sequence & voicemail scripts we use that you can copy and paste and use over and over again to keep your leads engaged (using these script templates almost doubled our sales in 2015). 
  • Day 1 IYSP: How to unleash an avalanche of leads on LinkedIn. Follow along with our video and companion PDF checklist with the exact process we use to explode B2B leads and sales on LinkedIn, the worlds largest B2B social network.
  • Day 2 IYSP: Get our exact lead nurturing formula that helped us double our sales in 2016.  We've worked on this process for years and we're finally ready to give you everything you need to turn leads into eager "ready-to-buy" prospects. No matter your experience level, this short video and companion checklist is guaranteed to help you close more deals. 
  • Day 3 IYSP: How we turn our sales process into an automated machine. Why not let the robots do the work? Now that you know how we get more leads and close more sales, it's time to turn your process into an automated machine that works for you in the background. Day 4 gives you our exact process and all the tools we use to automate our sales pipeline.
  • Everything you need to multiply performance 10X with your existing sales force, or if it's just you, turn yourself into a virtual selling machine (even if you have zeroprior sales experience). 
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